SCHOTT Defense

In March 2014 the Company entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with SCHOTT Defense, a federally focused subsidiary of SCHOTT North America, Inc. ("SCHOTT"). The agreement encompasses both joint business development and joint technology development activities.

The Joint Development Agreement with Schott Government Service, LLC to pursue federal funding in specific areas for the continued development of the image space materials will complement and enhance Doug Freitag and the Company’s ability to purse its Government Funding strategy.  The JDA with Schott comes at an important junction for the company as its primary objective is to aggressively seek large federal grants for the continued development of CSpace.  Schott is a world-class multi-billion dollar company with significant experience and success in partnering with federal agencies for development projects.  In addition, Schott is one of the world’s leaders in developing specialty glass for many applications, including display technology.  This partnership, coupled with the expertise of Doug Freitag, should greatly facilitate the success of the Company’s federal funding strategy and our ability to create the unique materials required to advance the CSpace technology.  

Digital Light Innovations

Digital Light Innovations is an Authorized Design Partner and Reseller for Texas Instruments' DLP® Discovery™ technology, the most widely adopted and reliable spatial light modulator (SLM) on the market today.  Digital Light Innovations specializes in custom engineering, applications development, and sales of DLP® Discovery™ products.  The DLP® Discovery™ platform is a highly versatile development tool that enables spatial light modulation for a variety of industries including lithography, spectroscopy, and adaptive optics. DLi is a global company that has serviced customers around the world in areas including Germany, Sweden, Japan, China, India, U.K., Brazil and Canada.

University of Oklahoma

3DIcon has established an SRA (Sponsored Research Agreement) with the University of Oklahoma (OU), whereby 3DIcon’s technologies are being developed by leading researchers and scientists in state-of-the-art research facilities in the Norman as well as the Tulsa Campuses. Harnessing the resources of a major university with proven research capabilities greatly expands and hastens the development process of an early stage company on the cusp of disruptive technology and does so in a cost efficient manner. To replicate these resources on a private basis would be prohibitively expensive. Not just that, it would be practically impossible to assemble such a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of proven experts.