Pixel Precision®

Pixel Precision® is a software product, for those engaged in the research, design, and development of applications and products involving DLP® technology from Texas Instruments (TI).

Pixel Precision® is the perfect companion product for the DMD Discovery™ line from TI. With Pixel Precision®, each and every micro-mirror of the DMD Discovery™ is individually addressable and controllable.

Without Pixel Precision®, users of the DMD Discovery Kits had to undertake significant programming for precision control or undertake tedious and time-consuming routines for simple DMD control requirements.

Pixel Precision® eliminates all of that. Now, a user-friendly user interface with powerful editing capabilities makes it simple. What used to take days, weeks and months is now completed in a fraction of the time. And there is no need for any expensive programming or programmers.

The Bottom-line?

  • Simpler, easier development
  • Focus of development returns to core R&D activities instead of programming
  • And most important – Reduction in time to market for products and applications

Pixel Precision® supports both the Discovery™ 1100 and Discovery™ 3000 devices. Supported devices: Discovery™ 1100; Discovery™ 1100 with ALP; Discovery™ 3000 XGA with ALP; Discovery™ 3000 SXGA+ with ALP; Discovery™ 3000 XGA with ALP (Basic); and Discovery™ 3000 SXGA+ with ALP (Basic).

3DIcon has an exclusive distribution agreement with Digital Light Innovations (DLi), an authorized Design Partner and Reseller for TI under which DLi will bundle Pixel Precision software with its DLi41xx series of development kits for Texas Instrument’s DLP projection imaging technology.