3DIcon's commercialization strategy includes licensing, co-development, distribution, and direct sales. Through this multi-pronged approach, the company varies its commercialization approach based on the specific product or technology in its portfolio.

The company's CSpace® technology, which continues to progress through milestones in its development stages, is best suited to licensing or co-development with large, well-funded partners who may have complementary products and sales channels that can be leveraged to benefit from 3DIcon's technologies.

Pixel Precision®, as a fully-developed software product ready for sale to a focused market, is offered through direct sales by the company and distributors. 3DIcon has an exclusive distribution agreement with Digital Light Innovations (DLi), an authorized Design Partner and Reseller for TI under which DLi will bundle Pixel Precision software with its DLi41xx series of development kits for Texas Instrument’s DLP projection imaging technology.

In addition to commercial applications, 3DIcon has also launched a federal outreach program which is designed to attract federal research funding for 3D technologies that may have applications in homeland security, military and intelligence. The company may therefore be in a position to generate revenues from sales to federal, state and local governments.

In March 2014 the Company signed a Joint Development Agreement with Schott Government Services, LLC, a division of Schott AG, a world-class multi-billion dollar company with significant experience and success in partnering with federal agencies for development projects. Schott is also one of the world’s leaders in developing specialty glasses for many applications including display technology.