Target Markets

3DIcon's current portfolio includes its proprietary Pixel Precision® and CSpace® technologies.

CSpace® addresses a wide variety of potential applications including:

  • Government applications such as homeland security, surveillance, and intelligence.
  • Medical applications in diagnosis, treatment planning, robotic surgery, medical and dental training
  • Training for the military, police, firefighters, industrial, and pilots
  • Education
  • Industrial design and control including quality control and CAD/CAM
  • Visualization for geological mining, oil, gas, molecular modeling & design, meteorology, astronomy, and physics
  • Gaming including interactive video games

The market for Pixel Precision® is among the existing users of DLP®-DMD Discovery™ packages, as well as among future customers of DLP-DMD® Discovery™ packages. DLP® and DMD Discovery™ are trademarks of Texas Instruments (NYSE: TI).

According to Insight Media, the market for 3D display technologies is currently estimated at $1 billion for products currently on the market, most of which require viewing aids. As technology advances the market is expected to reach over $7 billion by 2018 for current applications. As 3D technologies develop it is expected that new applications and markets will emerge that cannot be estimated at this time.